Dance Classes & Recitals

Live Music
While live music used to be a staple of dance classes, in modern times it has largely been replaced with sound systems and stereo equipment. Rose’s School of Dance is one of the few dance schools around that still sticks to the tradition of using live music during our dance classes, with a live piano player providing music during ballet and tap classes.

Observing Classes
To protect the privacy and concentration of our students our studio has no observation window. Parents are encouraged to observe classes at special “Parents’ Days” in November and December.

By audition and/or invitation only. Selected students are permitted to audition to compete if they choose to do so. They must be currently enrolled in Ballet, Tap and Jazz classes and they must comply with the competition rehearsal schedules. Additional fee required.

Rose’s School of Dance encourages poise, self-confidence, and performance as well as dance ability. All students are included in the annual Dance Recitals. This two – day, costumed exhibit of dance and vocal performance shows the growth of our students’ technique and accomplishments.



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